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Penn State Downs Delaware

Penn State took care of business against Delaware Saturday night, sweeping the Blue Hens 25-12, 25-9, 25-18. 6-4 So. Opp/RS Ariel Scott led the Nittany Lions with 12 kills (.458 attack %) and 5 blocks, while 6-1 So. OH Deja McClendon bounced back from a sub-par outing on Friday to post 11 kills (.524 attack %).   6-5 Fr. OH Aiyana Whitney (8 kills, .500 attack %) and 6-2 Fr. MH Nia Grant (7 kills, .667 attack %) were third and fourth on the team, respectively.  5-6 So. L Ali Longo’s 19 digs topped the Nittany Lions.  5-11 Fr. S Micha Hancock directed the team to a .426 attack %.

Match Stats – Delaware vs. Penn State

On to the Sweet Sixteen

Here are the Brackets for the Sweet Sixteen. We’ll have more on them later today, but a quick note on the B1G’s success: even with the stunning loss by Nebraska to Kansas State in the 2nd round, six of the eight B1G teams in the Tournament made it to the Sweet Sixteen. That’s the same as last year, and quite an accomplishment for the conference as a whole.  Congrats!

The Sweet Sixteen

Here are the matchups for the next round.

The Field of 64 – by Seed, RPI, Pablo, AVCA, and Conference

The chart below shows the entire field of 64 in the 2011 NCAA Tournament, and results of their matches in the first two rounds.  It’s sortable by Tournament Seed, RPI, Pablo ranking (where available), AVCA Poll ranking (the AVCA only ranks the top 20, but we reflected the 36 tournament teams that received votes in the poll).

2011 NCAA Tournament: Field of 64

RPI Pablo RankingAVCA PollConferenceRegional1st Rnd2nd Rnd
Texas22-41225Big 12LexingtonW (3-0 vs. Texas State)W (3-0 vs. Michigan State)
Nebraska24-42452B1GHonoluluW (3-0 vs. Jackson State)L (2-3 vs. Kansas State)
Illinois27-431107B1GGainesvilleW (3-0 vs. Central Michigan)W (3-0 vs. Marquette)
Iowa State22-543614Big 12MinneapolisW (3-0 vs. Milwaukee)W (3-0 vs. Miami (Fla))
Purdue27-45648B1GMinneapolisW (3-0 vs. Morehead State)W (3-1 vs. Louisville)
Northern Iowa32-1651512Missouri ValleyGainesvilleW (3-0 vs. Niagara)L (1-3 vs. Florida)
USC25-47811Pac-12HonoluluW (3-0 vs. Yale)W (3-0 vs. Tulsa)
Penn State23-781139B1GLexingtonW (3-0 vs. Liberty)W (3-0 vs. Delaware)
UCLA24-8915134Pac-12LexingtonW (3-0 vs. MdES)W (3-1 vs. San Diego)
Hawaii29-110783WACHonoluluW (3-0 vs. Northern Colorado)W (3-1 vs. Colorado State)
Stanford21-71118256Pac-12GainesvilleW (3-1 vs. Sacred Heart)L (1-3 vs. Michigan)
Florida State24-612102321ACCMinneapolisW (3-0 vs. Albany)W (3-2 vs. Cincinnati)
Minnesota18-1113121619B1GMinneapolisW (3-0 vs. North Dakota State)W (3-2 vs. Washington)
Tennessee27-3149915SECGainesvilleW (3-1 vs. Duke)L (2-3 vs. Ohio State)
Pepperdine22-615161118West CoastHonoluluW (3-0 vs. Missouri State)W (3-0 vs. North Carolina)
Texas A&M22-716171227Big 12LexingtonW (3-1 vs. Lipscomb)L (0-3 vs. Kentucky)
Kentucky26-5unseeded132116SECLexingtonW (3-2 vs. Dayton)W (3-0 vs. Texas A&M)
Northern Illinois28-6unseeded14nanrMid-AmericanMinneapolisL (1-3 vs. Miami (Fla.)out
Cincinnati26-9unseeded19nanrBig EastMinneapolisW (3-2 vs. Samford)L (2-3 vs. Florida State)
Florida24-5unseeded20717SECGainesvilleW (3-1 vs. Missouri)W (3-1 vs. Northern Iowa)
Western Kentucky31-3unseeded212624SunBeltGainesvilleL (1-3 vs. Marquette)out
Miami (Fla.)25-4unseeded222025ACCMinneapolisW (3-1 vs. Northern Illinois)L (0-3 vs. Iowa State)
Michigan20-12unseeded232822B1GGainesvilleW (3-1 vs. Baylor)W (3-1 vs. Stanford)
Tulsa27-6unseeded243131Conference USAHonoluluW (3-1 vs. Oklahoma)L (0-3 vs. USC)
San Diego27-4unseeded252420West CoastLexingtonW (3-1 vs. LBSU)L (1-3 vs. UCLA)
Kansas State20-10unseeded263436Big 12HonoluluW (3-0 vs. Wichita State)W (3-2 vs. Nebraska)
Oklahoma21-11unseeded2739nrBig 12HonoluluL (1-3 vs. Tulsa)out
Colorado State23-5unseeded281626Mountain WestHonoluluW (3-2 vs. Oregon)L (1-3 vs. Hawaii)
California26-6unseeded291910Pac-12HonoluluL (2-3 vs. North Carolina)out
Oregon21-9unseeded301413Pac-12HonoluluL (2-3 vs. Colorado State)out
North Carolina23-8unseeded31nanrACCHonoluluW (3-2 vs. California)L (0-3 vs. Pepperdine)
Western Michigan24-8unseeded32nanrMid-AmericanMinneapolisL (1-3 vs. Washington)out
Missouri21-12unseeded33nanrBig 12GainesvilleL (1-3 vs. Florida)out
Ball State25-7unseeded34nanrMid-AmericanMinneapolisL (0-3 vs. Louisville)out
Washington23-7unseeded352111Pac-12MinneapolisW (3-1 vs. Western Michigan)L (2-3 vs. Minnesota)
Dayton25-6unseeded36nanrAtlantic 10LexingtonL (2-3 vs. Kentucky)out
Michigan State21-11unseeded372630B1GLexingtonW (3-1 vs. Arizona)L (0-3 vs. Texas)
Louisville23-8unseeded38nanrBig EastMinneapolisW (3-0 vs. Ball State)L (1-3 vs. Purdue)
Wichita State21-10unseeded39nanrMissouri ValleyHonoluluL (0-3 vs. Kansas State)out
Marquette23-10unseeded40nanrBig EastGainesvilleW (3-1 vs. Western Kentucky)L (0-3 vs. Illinois)
Long Beach State23-6unseeded411823Big WestLexingtonL (1-3 vs. USD)out
North Dakota State26-8unseeded42nanrSummitMinneapolisL (0-3 vs. Minnesota)out
Duke21-8unseeded43nanrACCGainesvilleL (1-3 vs. Tennessee)out
Missouri State22-8unseeded44nanrMissouri ValleyHonoluluL (0-3 vs. Pepperdine)out
Middle Tennessee21-11unseeded45nanrSun BeltGainevilleL (1-3 vs. Ohio State)out
Baylor18-14unseeded46nanrBig 12GainesvilleL (1-3 vs. Michigan)out
Ohio State19-14unseeded483228B1GGainesvilleW (3-1 vs. Middle Tennessee)W (3-2 vs. Tennessee)
Arizona19-12unseeded494032Pac-12LexingtonL (1-3 vs. Michigan State)out
Milwaukee25-4unseeded50nanrHorizonMinneapolisL (0-3 vs. Iowa State)out
Samford29-4unseeded62nanrSouthernMinneapolisL (2-3 vs. Cincinnati)out
Texas State27-7unseeded72nanrSouthlandLexingtonL (0-3 vs. Texas)out
Central Michigan19-13unseeded74nanrMid-AmericanGainesvilleL (0-3 vs. Illinois)out
Delaware20-12unseeded79nanrColonialLexingtonW (3-1 vs. American)L (0-3 vs. Penn State)
Sacred Heart27-7unseeded80nanrNortheastGainesvilleL (1-3 vs. Stanford)out
Albany21-8unseeded85nanrAmercia EastMinneapolisL (0-3 vs. Florida State)out
Moorehead State26-7unseeded86nanrOVCMinneapolisL (0-3 vs. Purdue)out
Lipscomb20-10unseeded89nanrAtlantic SunLexingtonL (1-3 vs. Texas A&M)out
Yale18-6unseeded91nanrIvyHonoluluL (0-3 vs. USC)out
American23-10unseeded94nanrPatriotLexingtonL (1-3 vs. Delaware)out
Northern Colorado22-8unseeded108nanrBig SkyHonoluluL (0-3 vs. Hawaii)out
Liberty20-12unseeded145nanrBig SouthLexingtonL (0-3 vs. Penn State)out
Niagara25-8unseeded148nanrMetro AtlanticGainesvilleL (0-3 vs. Northern Iowa)out
Md.-Eastern Shore24-6unseeded195nanrMid-EasternLexingtonL (0-3 vs. UCLA)out
Jackson State29-9unseeded217nanrSouthwesternHonoluluL (0-3 vs. Nebraska)out