Penn State Women’s Volleyball Wins BTN “Women’s Team of the Year”

BTN (previoiusly known as the Big Ten Network) put on its fourth annual BTN awards show Monday night — the “best of Big Ten sports in 2010-11, hosted by Mike Hall and Rick Pizzo.  We were pleased to see that the Penn State Women’s Volleyball team, which won its fourth consecutive NCAA Championship in 2010, was recognized as the Women’s Team of the Year (over  the Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse team, which won the 2011 NCAA Championship, and the Wisconsin Women’s Hockey team, which won the 2011 NCAA Championship).

Although this is a site for fans of Penn State Women’s Volleyball, congratulations also are in order for Cael Sanderson and his Penn State Wrestling Team, which was named Men’s Team of the Year.  A very nice two-fer.

For the complete list of winners and nominees, Click Here.