Penn State Ranked #1 by Volleyball Magazine; Will Appear on ESPN2 and ESPNU

The Penn State Women’s Volleyball team, which has been voted #1 in Volleyball Magazine’s 2009 Preseason Poll, is scheduled to appear on television eight times during the 2009 season, including appearances on ESPN2 and ESPNU.

The Volleyball Magazine Preseason Poll ranks Texas #2, Nebraska #3, Washington #4, and Stanford #5. Four of Penn State’s opponents are ranked in the Volleyball Magazine Preseason Top 20: #8 Minnesota, #13 Illinois, #15 Michigan, and #17 Saint Louis (which Penn State will play on August 29th in St. Louis).

We haven’t seen any comment from Coach Rose on this year’s preseason ranking, so we’ve recycled his comments from last year, when Penn State also was ranked #1 in the pre-season. To make it more interesting (at least to us) we’ve added this year’s quote from Coach Jerritt Elliot of #2 ranked Texas. Is Coach Rose’s 2008 quote Answer A or Answer B?

Answer A
“The preseason poll is based on potential not performance,” said head coach [______] “We have to work hard and see if the results on the court will match up to the goals of the team.”

Answer B
“As coaches we understand that rankings don’t mean anything. . . . The only time the rankings matter is if you are ranked No. 1 at the end of the season and we are going to prepare and put in the work now to reach that ultimate goal.”

Send us your answer wrapped in crisp $100 bills. The first correct answer will receive a courteous e-mailed reply. Maybe we don’t need new quotes for this season after all.