Post Maryland Match Quotes from Russ Rose

We were able to catch up with Russ Rose, Penn State Women’s Volleyball Head Coach, after his team swept Maryland Saturday night in College Park.  The following is a transcript of that interview, lightly edited for length and clarity:

DigNittany: Could you give us your quick take on the match.

Coach Rose: Certainly we played a little better than we did last time [a 3-2 Penn State win in Rec Hall] but we had to make up for the fact that Allyson [Cathey] wasn’t here.  I thought we were a little bit cleaner offensively, but we went from hitting 41% [in the first set] to 37% in the second set, and in the last [set] we hit 12%, so certainly I didn’t like the trend offensively.  But every match and the big 10 is a tough match and you need to be ready to play.  We missed an awful lot of serves, but I’m pleased with the results.  I have a great affection for Adam [Hughes] and Kristen [Carpenter Steadman] and I hope they have great success for the remainder of their matches.

DigNittany:  Lauren Clark stepped in for Allyson Cathey.  Tell us about her play tonight.

Coach Rose:  I thought Lauren did a nice job.  I thought she played hard and she kept the ball in play.  It’s her first real action, and she did a nice job.