Stat Joust: Lions and Badgers (B1G Conference Stats)

Here’s a look at the B1G conference-only stats for Penn State and Wisconsin, through October 22nd:

Penn State has the clear advantage in hitting % (though Wisconsin has had the tougher conference schedule to date):

Blocking looks like a wash, but Penn State definitely gets more aces:

Both teams play very tough defense.  Penn State has a bit of an edge in serve-receive:

Probably a wash at getting blocked (or slight edge to Penn State:

We know Penn State has a versatile offense, and these stats show it.  But Dana Rettke (6-8 Fr. MB) — wow.  We knew about Tionna Williams.  Still, very impressive:

Wisconsin doesn’t have anyone on the service ace leader board.  Still, we hope the Nittany Lions come ready to play:

Blocking is as close as could be.  And again, Dana Rettke, wow!  Battle of the liberos looks like a wash.  Kendall White has been playing very, very well.