2012 Olympics Women’s Indoor Women’s Volleyball: United States vs. Brazil

                                        Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

 Morning Report

Gold-medal contenders U.S., Brazil women meet Monday

From nbcolympics.com:

 If the U.S. women’s volleyball team wants to make history and win its first-ever Olympic gold medal, it will have to through  Brazil–probably more than once.

The first matchup is known for sure: Monday, the top two teams in the world will square off in a Group B preliminary-round match at Earls Court in London.”

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Ever-rising US volleyball star Destinee Hooker faces big match against Brazil

From washingtonpost.com:

 LONDON — A day before the opening ceremony at the London Games, Ricky Hooker sent a note to his daughter Destinee.  It was time to go to work. “The blessing is I see you as a little girl that has grown up into a beautiful young warrior,” the note read. “This is the time to put on your lunch pail and play the matches with your heart and soul.”

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 U.S. Scoring to Date

Scoring - United States vs. Korea

2Scott-Arruda, DanielleMB6-20000
3Haneef-Park, TayyibaOpp6-70123
4 Berg, LindseyS5-80101
5Miyashiro, TamariL5-70000
6Davis, NicoleL5-40000
10Larson, JordanOH6-2114116
11Hodge, MeganOH6-30000
13Harmotto, ChristaMB6-216310
15Tom, LoganOH6-10819
16Akinradewo, FolukeMB6-309615
17Thompson, CourtneyS5-80000
19Hooker, DestineeOpp6-4019221

 Team Rosters

2012 U.S. Women's Olympic Volleyball Team

2Scott-Arruda, DanielleMB6-2Baton RougeLA1972LBSUBig West
3Haneef-Park, TayyibaOpp6-7Laguna HillsCA1979LBSUBig West
4 Berg, LindseyS5-8HonoluluHI1980MinnesotaB1G
5Miyashiro, TamariL5-7KaneoheHI1987WashingtonPac 12
6Davis, NicoleL5-4StocktonCA1982USCPac 12
10Larson, JordanOH6-2HooperNE1986NebraskaB1G
11Hodge, MeganOH6-3DurhamNC1988Penn StateB1G
13Harmotto, ChristaMB6-2HopewellPA1986Penn StateB1G
15Tom, LoganOH6-1Salt Lake CityUT1981StanfordPac 12
16Akinradewo, FolukeMB6-3PlantationFL1987StanfordPac 12
17Thompson, CourtneyS5-8KentWA1984WashingtonPac 12
19Hooker, DestineeOpp6-4San AntonioTX1987TexasBig 12

2012 Olympics Women's Volleyball - Brazil

1CLAUDINO FabianaMB6-427Fenerbahce TUR
3LINS DanielleS6-027Sesi/SP BRA
4PEQUENO PaulinaWS6-030Volei Futuro BRA
5SILVA AdeniziaMB6-025Sollys Osasco BRA
6MENEZES ThaisaMB6-425Sollys Osasco BRA
8CARVALHO JaquelineWS6-128Sollys Osasco BRA
9FERREIRA FerndandaS5-832Iqtisadchi Baku AZE
11CAIXETA TandaraWS6-023Sollys Osasco BRA
12PEREIRA NataliaWS6-023Unilever BRA
13CASTRO SheillaOS6-229Sollys Osasco BRA
14OLIVEIRA FabianaL5-532Unilever BRA
16RODRIGUES FernandaWS5-1026Volei Futuro BRA